PANGOLINS  ....  the world's most wanted animal...


Rare and Endangered Species Trust

Allowing tourism to brush with conservation & research in order to conserve, understand and educate. Founded in 2000, REST aims to bring attention to some of the most misunderstood and endangered animals in Namibia –

The Forgotten 5: 

Cape griffon vulture, Gyps coprotheres  •  Cape pangolin, Smutsia temminickii    

Dwarf python,  Python anchietae  •  Spotted rubber frog, Phrynomantis affinis   

Damara Dik Dik,  Modoqua kirkii

Pangolin Crisis & Facts

  • Estimated that from 2000-2013: 1 million pangolins traded on the black market.  Recently, the large majority from African species

  • A Rhino is poached every 8 hours, and a pangolin every 5 minutes….

  • Elephants, rhino’s and tigers have all been held and bred successfully, but never cape pangolins

  • Population: unknown

  • Namibia’s Cape pangolin is the only of the 8 species that can survive in arid regions

  • 2015: IUCN declared it the “most illegally trafficked animal in the world”

  • 2016: CITES upgrades all 8 species to Appendix I

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