Photography Tour

 The photography tour is per client & is dedicated to getting top quality shots of the animals that we have at the time that are photographable. Only one animal can be chosen for that “perfect light / perfect setting” opportunity. This is usually possible with pangolin, vultures & eagles as we have them all as permanent residents.


For pangolin, we take the photographer to a lovely spot & they have the chance for dedicated shots for anywhere from 15-30 mins. After that, they’re more than welcome to continue following the animal on its normal foraging walk & get normal shots (often from behind) that the normal tourist usually gets. 

For photography sessions, it is $500 US dollars per session, per animal. If there is more than one photographer there is an additional fee of $55 per person. This session is for 30-60 minutes of dedicated shots at an agreed-upon time in a location conducive to professional photographs.

Filming Tour

We offer video packages for filming, here is the break down (all in USD):

1 Day of Filming: $2,000

2 Days of Filming: $3,000

3 Days of Filming: $3,500

4 Days of Filming: $4,000

5 Days of Filming: $5,000

6 Days of Filming: $6,000

7 Days of Filming: $7,000

Any additional day past 7 days is the 7 day fee + $250 per day extra



30 to 60-minute session per animal

USD 500 per photographer

(additional USD 55 per extra photographer)


 Per day filming:

1 Day of filming: $ 2000 • 2 Days of filming: $ 3000 • 3 Days of Filming: $ 3500 • 4 Days of Filming: $ 4000 • 5 Days of Filming: $ 5000 • 6 Days of Filming: $ 6000 • 7 Days of Filming $7000

Any additional day past 7 days is the

7-day fee + $ 250 per day extra. 

Pre-booking essential